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Viggo Boserup serves as a special master in multi-party, complex, and disaster-related litigation.


From pre-settlement discussion to settlement to distribution and administration of settlement proceeds, Mr. Boserup’s focus is on administrative clarity. He defines the scope of services in collaboration with clients and their counsel and is noted for his thorough preparedness and accessibility at all times. He is also known for his decisiveness and his willingness to make difficult decisions based on the scope and the situation.

Mr. Boserup has been recognized by Los Angeles Lawyer magazine as a pioneer in the field of software development for web-based case management applications. Appointed special master in 1997 to preside over a complex construction defect case with parties represented by more than 40 law firms, Viggo created the first known web-based system in actual use for the management of a multi-party litigation matter. The site provided the parties with a single resource for contact information links, a register of all documents filed, a schedule of upcoming events on a daily basis, notices of motions, rulings, filings, and the like.

Mr. Boserup’s team of developers continues to create new and innovative software for effective case management of multi-party, multi-district litigation (MDL), and disaster-related litigation. As a special master, Mr. Boserup has supervised, and participated in, the mediation and arbitration of more than 1,000 individual cases arising out of a single fire-related disaster. Through the effective use of technology, Mr. Boserup has increased management and outcome consistency and reduced the number of hours required for efficient management of a large volume of cases and related case data. Coverage of his role in resolving these cases is included in a recent front-page article of the Daily Journal.

Viggo Boserup is a Certified Electronic Discovery Specialist, a designation awarded to those who pass the rigorous examination providing an objective measure of an individual’s broad-based knowledge on the challenging topic of e-discovery. The CEDS certification program is administered by the Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists, the preeminent international organization for e-discovery professionals worldwide.
Mr. Boserup was recently  published in an article on electronic discovery in the Daily Journal.

Mr. Boserup’s special master services combine ready access, transparent administration, and the latest technologies to provide an efficient and effective process for the administration, settlement, allocation, and distribution of settlement proceeds.



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