A Full-Time Professional Neutral Since 1992

Focus Areas

Mr. Boserup has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of employment matters based upon claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, hostile work environment, whistle blower, wage and hour disputes, and the like. He is a member of the employment section of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.
Mr. Boserup has mediated and arbitrated healthcare issues ranging from medical malpractice to payor-provider disputes involving hospitals, medical groups, healthcare insurance companies and HMOs. Viggo has presided over more than 250 healthcare mediations and arbitrations and is a past member of the American Health Lawyers Associations (AHLA), a member of the American Bar Association Health Law Section, the California Society of Healthcare Attorneys (CSHA), and a member of the JAMS Healthcare panelist group.

Personal Injury
Mr. Boserup has mediated and arbitrated more than 2,000 personal injury cases, ranging from auto v. auto to disaster-related injuries. He continues to provide mediation and arbitration services in personal injury, wrongful death, and products liability cases involving serious or catastrophic injuries.

Pioneering Large-Case Management Through Technology
Mr. Boserup has been recognized by Los Angeles Lawyer magazine as a pioneer in the field of software development for web-based case management applications. As special master presiding over a complex construction defect case, Viggo created the first known web-based system in actual use for the management of a multi-party litigation matter. He owns the domain www.specialmaster.com.

Mr. Boserup continues to create new and innovative software for effective case management of multi-party, multi-district litigation (MDL), and disaster-related litigation. As Special Master, Mr. Boserup has supervised, and presided over, the mediation and arbitration of more than 2,000 individual cases arising out of a single fire-related disaster. Through the effective use of technology, Mr. Boserup has increased management and outcome consistency and reduced the number of hours required for effective management of a large volume of cases and related case data.

Certified Electronic Discovery Specialist

Mr. Boserup is a Certified Electronic Discovery Specialist. In his capacity as special master and referee, Mr. Boserup assists counsel in creating effective discovery plans and monitoring their implementation. He has that rare combination of established technical competence plus more than 40 years of legal experience. See the tab on eDiscovery.

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