A Full-Time Professional Neutral Since 1992


Viggo Boserup has been the designated arbitrator in more than 100 cases.

Mr. Boserup is an accomplished arbitrator who is widely respected by counsel for his impartiality in treating all parties fairly and his ability to quickly identify critical issues. He is noted for his thorough preparedness and accessibility throughout the arbitration process. As an arbitrator, he is known for his decisiveness and his willingness to make difficult decisions based on the facts and the law of each case.

Managed Arbitrations.

Mr. Boserup is known for his proactive administration of arbitrations. In collaboration with counsel, he sets early schedules for all aspects of the process through the final award. Custom case management software provides ongoing reminders to counsel to ensure that parties are prepared for hearings, deadlines, and other events. He is readily available for the unexpected event and short-fused hearing requests. His goal is to deliver to the parties the cost-effective and timely process parties expect from arbitration but all too seldom get.

Cost-Effectiveness Through Technology

In his commitment to providing the most cost-effective services for the parties to arbitration, Mr. Boserup provides custom web-based case management tools designed to facilitate filings, hearings, and nearly instant joint access to the arbitrator, all at no extra cost to the parties.

Types of Cases Arbitrated

Mr. Boserup has arbitrated cases involving the following:

HealthcarePayor/provider reimbursement disputes, breach of contract, denial of benefits, medical necessity

Employment–Harassment, age/gender/disability discrimination, retaliation, failure to accommodate, wrongful termination, and others

Professional Malpractice–Legal, medical, accounting

Commercial–breach of¬†contract, fraud, insurance coverage/subrogation

Construction–commercial and residential projects; delay and impact damages




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